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Sexual Abuse Therapy

Our mental health therapist help those seeking sexual abuse therapy.

Sexual Abuse Therapy

Sexual Abuse Therapy

Sexual abuse is one of the most common crimes that prevails in society and has destroyed many lives. The most common type of sexual abuse is child sexual abuse and rape cases.

Sexual abuse can happen to anyone. Note that sexual abuse is referred to unwanted sexual activity. Unfortunately, many children had suffered due to sexual abuse in their early childhood.

Childhood sex abuse is, by definition, sexual abuse that is committed on children. It is of two types:
 – physical neglect (abuse that involves physically touching the child) and,
 – non-physical abuse (when an abuser shows child pornography or exploitation).

Men also suffer sexual abuse. Despite its prevalence, male abuse is challenging to talk about, especially if women have abused them. The concern they may have is that they won’t be believed or receive support. It isn’t true, though.

Raped people and others who have experienced sexual abuse often find it hard to talk about. Our society tends to shy away from this dark topic. Keeping these subjects to ourselves only increases sex abuse myths and false information. Additionally, it may cause abuse survivors to feel threatened to speak up.

Getting the word out about what is going on and spreading support and awareness will lead to more progress against it. Also, by doing this, survivors will be encouraged to discuss what happened to them.

No matter the setting- whether it’s a friend or relative, a support group, or a professional–we believe the power of talking is irrefutable.

Victims of sexual abuse usually experience mental health problems. It is a traumatizing experience that often requires support to come to terms with. Looking after your mental health is just as important as looking after your physical health.
Counseling can be helpful for many people. Survivors are counseled on how to cope with the psychological effects of sexual violence by trained professionals. These individuals usually suffer from low self-confidence, anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

No matter how long ago you experienced sexual abuse, you can still speak with a counselor. Childhood events often have lasting effects on people, especially if they didn’t get support when they occurred. The process of processing past emotions is more straightforward if you talk to a professional about these effects.

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