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Divorce Counseling

Our mental health therapist can help those facing divorce.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce Counseling

Divorce counseling is a kind of therapy to help married couples address the conflicts in their lives. It can be done through exploring options for either filing for divorce or working their way through the present conflicts. Divorce counseling helps couples in matters related to intimacy, child-rearing, financial issues, and other topics. A divorce counselor will also resolve communication problems and advice on how to make decisions regarding custody and asset distribution after the divorce is finalized.

Is Divorce Counseling Worth It?

Conflicts are normal in every relationship, but if they quickly turn into arguments, couples should seek divorce counseling. It is helpful in many ways. Firstly you and your spouse can analyze if your relationship is worth the final try or you should file for divorce. In this way, your counselor will counsel you and discuss your issues. Secondly, if you have already filed for divorce but need assistance to work out the details following divorce. Your divorce counselor can help with your decisions regarding child custody and child support.

Which Issues Can A Divorce Counselor Help With?

People who seek advice on marital relationships come to a divorce counselor for various issues like communication problems, intimacy issues, mental illness, trauma, child-rearing, household expectations, etc. Some people claim that these issues can better be solved at home, but when a marriage counselor is approached, they view the couple from a neutral perspective. They weigh the pros and cons put in front of him and gives his sincere opinion without any emotional siding of either side.

Treatments Prescribed By Divorce Counselors

Divorce counselors use various techniques to make couples work through their troubled marriages. Following is a brief introduction to some of the therapies put to use.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This therapy helps couples with marital disharmony reach specific goals. For couples seeking a divorce, CBT aims at changing the way they think, feel, and act. It can be helpful to adjust a spouse’s expectations or addressing their lack of intimacy.

Imago Relationship Therapy – This form of therapy helps couples by building stronger connections amidst childhood traumas and wounds.

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