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Better Your Health, Better Yourself
in Kansas City - Kansas Ave, KS!

Curis Functional Health: Kansas City -Kansas Ave is focused on your whole-body wellness through physical, mental, and nutritional health.

We Create Healthy Families

Curis Functional Health: Kansas City – Riverside is a family chiropractic clinic that was founded by Dr. Steven Baker in 1976. Dr. Baker quickly established an outstanding reputation for providing compassionate chiropractic care in the Kansas City community, and that same reputation exists today.

Baker retired in June of 2013 and Curis Functional Health: Kansas City – Riverside is now operated by his son Dr. Casey Baker. Dr. Casey started to learn about how to relieve back pain, headaches and migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain from his father at an early age.

If you struggle with headaches, back pain, tension, sleepless nights, neck pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain, Curis Functional Health: Kansas City – Riverside will provide you with pain relief so you can get back to the old you.

Whether you’re looking for chiropractic care, mental health care, functional nutrition, DNA-based weight loss, or any other needs

Curis Functional Health: Kansas City - Kansas Ave is your one stop shop!

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How Can We Help?

Our Chiropractic care restores function, enhances mobility, and helps support your nervous system.


Mental Health

Self Care Is Not Selfish.

Our Mental Health therapists focus on your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships.



"You Are What You Eat"

We take a personal holistic approach to Functional Nutrition at Curis Functional Health.

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DNA-Based Weight Loss

Weight Loss Built For You

We teach you how to overcome your habits to have a better relationship with food and your body.

Meet the
Kansas City - Riverside Team

Casey Baker[]

Dr. Casey Baker

Kansas City, KS

Why Curis Functional Health:
Kansas City – Riverside?

The minute you walk into Curis Functional Health: Kansas City – Riverside you will feel welcomed. You will receive individual customized care that helps you achieve relief. We treat the root cause of your pain or discomfort and get you feeling your best.

Casey Baker is known as one of the most personable doctors in Kansas City, and enjoys working with all ages including infants and children.

Our digital x-ray system allows us to provide an accurate diagnosis at a fraction of the cost of most chiropractic care clinics. This contributes to the affordable care we provide for all patients. We accept many insurance plans, including blue cross and blue shield, Aetna, Medicare, and the Veterans Choice Program.

Why Our Clients Love
Curis Functional Health: Kansas City - Kansas Ave


Chiropractic Techniques & Therapies

Active Release Technique


Active rehabilitation exercises are a dynamic approach to enhancing health and relieving discomfort.

Active Rehabilitation

Active Release

Active Release Technique is a trademark soft tissue technique that treats various problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, and blood vessels.



The drop-table technique involves gentle spinal maneuvering that adjusts the spine while allowing the affected joint to stay passive.

Graston Therapy

Graston Therapy

Graston Therapy, or IASTM, is a specialized form of instrument-assisted massage that improves soft tissue dysfunction.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy (LLLT), uses light to treat various conditions without heat or vibration.

Manual Technique

Manual Technique

Manual therapy, also known as manipulative therapy, is a physical treatment primarily used by chiropractors to treat musculoskeletal pain and debility.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release allows chiropractors to relieve discomfort through easing the thin membrane that surrounds your muscles.

Decompression Therapy pwqnlvmrctkmzjefujzpherabkprs

Decompression Therapy

Using a decompression table allows chiropractors to relieve pain from, and heal, herniated or bulging discs.

What to Expect

Chiropractic care is like building a house. Certain things have to happen in a particular order for everything to stand strong and work correctly. When building a house, if you tried to put your walls up before you had a solid foundation, your walls would be weak and eventually collapse. If you tried to put on your roof before the walls were ready, you would run into the same issue. The same is true of your body. At Curis Functional Health: Kansas City – Riverside, you go through a particular plan of care in order for your body to repair itself correctly and fully.

If you are experiencing pain when you come into our office, our first objective is to help you feel better. Depending on the severity of your problem, it is typical to need a chiropractic treatment 2-3 times per week for 4-12 weeks.

During the corrective care phase, muscles and other tissues are allowed to heal more completely, thereby helping prevent injury. It is typical to need care 4-8 times per month for 6-24 months, depending on your overall health and the severity of your problem.

Once Your body has fully healed, it is important to come in for periodic adjustments to avoid problems in the future. Usually, this only requires a quick visit to the chiropractor 1-4 times per month, based on your lifestyle and goals.

Your First Visit

Upon entering our office, our receptionist will welcome you as a member of our family. We will request that you complete our patient forms that provide us with your health history and condition information.

Next, you will have a consultation with Dr. Casey Baker to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, and potential treatment options. This initial visit is designed for Dr. Baker to learn more about you, your condition, and expectations to determine how chiropractic care can help you meet your goals.

After your consultation, Dr. Baker will perform a complete chiropractic examination testing your reflexes and flexibility. Other standard neurological, orthopedic, postural, and physical tests will be performed as well. However, nothing will be done in our office without your consent.

Depending on your specific condition, we may take X-rays which will help us develop the most effective treatment plan for you and alert us of any serious spinal conditions. Most people are amazed once they see their X-rays up close and can even identify their misalignments and degeneration themselves.

Once all information is collected, Dr. Baker will give you a detailed report of all findings and answer any questions you may have. After reviewing your health history and goals, Dr. Baker will discuss recommendations and notify you of your condition requires care with other medical providers.

At the conclusion of this initial appointment, you can choose to undergo your first treatment. This may include spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and/or soft tissue massage. Treatment is interactive, so you can express any concerns you have about the different therapeutic styles anytime.

Prior to leaving, Dr. Baker will recommend a wellness program to incorporate outside of your in-office treatment. If you are in pain when you first come into our office, your wellness program may include ice or heat application, at home exercises, and activities to avoid. If you wish, our wellness team will work with you to create healthy habits and routines that work with your lifestyle.

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