Anna Gorges, RD

Registered Virtual Dietitian

License No.: DT81166

State: Texas

Areas of Focus:

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Insurances Accepted:

  • N/A

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Client Focus:


  • Children
  • Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19)
  • Adults
  • Elders (65+)

After attaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Food & Nutrition and Zoology 2006, I accepted my first position as a Registered Dietitian working in burn units, ICU’s, and long-term care facilities. A year later, I was offered a job with the Endocrinology Institute of Texas where the trajectory of my career and life changed drastically. My eyes were opened to Functional Medicine and the reality that we can heal ourselves with real foods and other natural modalities.

All my life I grew up struggling with being overweight, which then led to severe endocrine issues. I finally realized that it isn’t calories in, calories out. What you put “in” poses a far greater role of significance on how your body functions and responds. I began to expand my expertise and discover connections in the body, getting to the root cause of the health ailments, and taking a more “whole system” approach. It’s not solely about food, though it is a major factor, there are also aspects of sleep, stress, water, activity, etc. When you have a clean running system, reduce the underlying inflammation, and gain balance, the system will find harmony. My ambition for my patients is to help lead them to a life with greater ease & function, joy, energy, and longevity.

Every “body” is different. Understanding the genetic factors and where there are flaws can often bring light to “why” certain areas are not functioning and provide the path for identifying what may work best for you. I struggled for years trying different supplements and protocols, detoxes, diet modifications, and nothing seemed to work as it did for my patients. Once I assessed my genetic makeup it made perfect sense. This has led to my firm grasp that we can’t all be put into the same box.

Coincidentally, my favorite course in college was Experimental Cooking, which has continued to be a passion and made me a wizard in the kitchen creating recipes that cater to all food intolerances/allergies, are nutritious, and absolutely divine. I look at each client as an individual in a space that is nonjudgmental and customized for his/her needs, goals, and lifestyle. Knowledge is power and application is prosperity.

And…”food is medicine.”

Over the years, I have developed expertise in the following:
Insulin Resistance
Hormonal Abnormalities
Weight Loss
Autoimmune Disorders
Food Allergies/Intolerance
Leaky Gut
Child Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
& much more


License, Certifications, Awards & Additional Training

  • Certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Registered Dietitian
  • ADA Adult & Child Weight Management Licensed Dietitian (TX, NC)
  • Detecting Adult Malnutrition Through Nutrition Focused Physical Exam
  • Food Addiction & Obesity
  • Using Mindful Eating With Your Clients
  • Restorative Strategies for Gut Dysfunctions for Chronic Illness