Diana Register

Curis Location:

321 W Southlake Blvd #100
Southlake, TX 76092

I have always had a love of science and a curiosity of how things work. I began working in the gastrointestinal field in 2005. Just after that I graduated with my Bachelors of Science from the University of North Texas. As I continued in the G.I. ield I saw all of the patients that were in need of help with their daily intestinal difficulties. After several years of wondering what I could do to help, I decided to further my education. I then got my certification as a Health Coach in 2018. I began helping clients lose weight so they could start on their health journey to having a healthier life.

I wanted to learn more about the human body and what we could use naturally to help ourselves heal. I struggled with chronic immune issues as a child and young adult. I started living a healthier life as I got older and started seeing the results of eating healthier and being active. I felt better overall and I started to realize that food and nutrition must really be the way to better health. That is when I got my certification in Functional Medicine from the Institute of Health Practitioners. Since then I have found a deeper gratitude for how we can lose weight and heal our bodies by using food and nutrition.

When I am not at work or taking virtual weight loss/health coaching calls. I am with my husband and our dog enjoying outdoor activities, like scuba diving, camping, kayaking and hiking.
I am excited to work with Curis Functional as their Activate Metabolics weight loss coach. I have a passion for helping people feel better from the inside out. And I enjoy helping clients succeed with their weight loss goals.

Over the years I have become experienced in several areas of the health field. I am able to help clients with the following:
Weight Loss
Leaky Gut
Food Sensitivities
Thyroid Imbalances
Hormone Imbalances
Vitamin Deficiencies
Body Inflammation
Heavy Metal Toxicity
Candida Overgrowth
Stress Reduction/Balance
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth