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321 W Southlake Blvd #100
Southlake, TX 76092

Dr. Keith Kimberlin was born in Tahoka, Texas.  During childhood, his family relocated to the Texoma area where he’s made his permanent home with wife, Timina, and three sons Caeden, Parker and Greyson. 

Dr. Keith learned about Chiropractic while exploring options of going into medical school.  He learned from a family friend that there is a better path to wellness than sick care, and made it his lifelong mission to serve others and educate them on the true definition of health, living optimally, and fulfilling ones God-given health potential. 

Dr. Keith started practice in 2006 after attending Parker University in Dallas.  He quickly made a name for himself as he taught the populations of Sherman and the other surrounding areas about health.  Soon after that, Dr. Keith started lecturing nationwide to other healthcare providers, teaching them about health, nutrition and how to get people well. 

​Throughout his years of practice he has always sought out better and more efficient ways to help people reach their health potential.  This journey has led to a practice that now attracts people from all over the world.  Dr. Keith has been blessed to be able to work with professional athletes, actors, professional rodeo and the high level business community. He still loves our locals just as much though!

Dr. Keith has always been passionate about nutrition as well.  He developed a relationship with Standard Process and MediHerb in chiropractic school.  He pursued post-graduate studies with them and eventually became a national speaker teaching other chiropractors and nutrition how to implement nutrition into their practices in an innovative and effective way.  He truly understands that when the body has the proper nutrients it needs, it can successfully hold after an adjustment and allow the body to communicate and heal itself!

Dr. Keith actively continues his post-graduate education through frequent participation in seminars on chiropractic, sports medicine, energy medicine, nutrition, and other healing disciplines. He consults regularly with doctors around the country that work exclusively with professional athletes, so he can stay up with the latest research and techniques. Dr. Keith is also a member of multiple coaching and mastermind groups to keep accountablity and continue “sharpening the saw.”

In 2015, Dr. Keith discovered a less known technique called Advanced Muscular Integration Technique(AMIT).  Dr. Keith knew it was a game changer for his patients as SOON as he learned of it.  Taking a huge leap of faith, he committed himself to monthly travel and many days out of practice at a great expense, knowing that this path was part of a  permanent solution to the problems his patients were suffering. 

Dr. Kimberlin began making PERMANENT change to his patients lives within just a few visits.  No more months of adjustments, traction,
compliance, homework… He reached the root problem and fixed it! 

Naturally, patients were in disbelief until they experienced the technique in action.  Dr. Keith was even a bit skeptical of the extent of the technique until February 2017 when he crashed while skiing in Utah with his family.  Dr. Keith wrecked his knee and shoulder and barely made it down the mountain without Ski Patrol to help.  He made it back to Texas… suffered excruciating pain for the entire week, until he could visit another certified practitioner.  In literally one hour he went from hobbling in, tormented by pain, to full squats and lunges. This was good news for the doctor who LOVES his Crossfit! It also was a personal experience like no other, convincing him of the REAL power of the information he held. 

From that moment forward, Dr. Keith committed himself to making a permanent difference at a global level.  He got more involved with NFL teams including the Kansas City Chiefs ♥ amongst others, Navy Seals, MLB, pro-rodeo, ropers and professional bull riders. In 2018, Dr. Keith combined what he’d learned practicing AMIT with other techniques and his experience with patients in office and throughout the country, to create the ultimate healing platform for his patients. This knowledge would then be combined to become Neuromuscular Balance Technique. Practicing this way has changed the face of chiropractic care and created a permanent solution to the chronic imbalances our bodies suffer. He now can fix acute or chronic injury at its source, but can also prevent likely injuries from ever happening!  Dr. Keith has developed an array of relationships with Master Chiropractic Practitioners, further developed the technique and is pursuing educating others in order that it may become the standard in chiropractic care. ​