License No.: 78713

State: Texas

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Average Cost:

$130 –  $150 (per session)

Insurances Accepted:

  • UHC
  • Cigna
  • BCBS

Curis Location:

4801 Frankford Rd. #300
Dallas, TX 75201

Client Focus:


  • Adults

Life can be tough, exhausting, and challenging to navigate, and many people experience Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship difficulties, and Trauma.  

I am committed to helping individuals with these challenges. Together we will identify the causes and create a path to help you improve your life.

What can my clients expect from me?
I have been known to ‘meet you’ where you are on this journey called life. Some things I have offered my clients are:

  • Life skills – Anxiety, fears, and confusion can be real-life roadblocks to inner peace. Something as simple as creating a budget can restore order, immensely reduce anxiety, and cultivate a sense of accomplishment in self. I’ve taught clients how to create a budget and maintain it. Their many other skills you can learn to help you work smarter, not harder.
  • Building interpersonal skills – conversations, communications, and relationships- can be awkward and difficult: learning how to navigate this muddy realm is part of my work. Helping clients understand alternative points of view, via play and fun, can be a real mind opener to connecting well with others. So we role-play together.
  • Procrastination can be paralyzing! Overcoming fears and springing into action is not a small task. I’ve helped clients start a conversation with an accountability partner to encourage them throughout their goals. And guess what – that works !! Clients report back overcoming considerable obstacles in a matter of weeks.
  • Stuck in a rut? Unsure why this keeps happening to you? You’re not alone. You need some help in understanding your delicate cycle. And when you are aware of it – you have the power to intervene and change it. Now you’re no longer a victim of circumstance but a co-creator in your own life. Who doesn’t want that?​
  • Break free from the Cycle: Changing thought patterns and breaking habits that no longer serve us. Here’s an example: we cultivate behaviors that we think society approves of and are helpful such as ‘Endurance – never quitting.’ That sounds good. Guess what: anything to an extreme is not beneficial and can keep us trapped in relationships and commitments, both personal and professional, that are detrimental to our happiness. The opposite is also exact, quitting everything at the slightest adversity also does not serve us well. Learning about your specific extreme habits and behaviors is critical to unlocking Stuckness. Through mindfulness, psychodrama, and ETT, we learn your particular blueprint of thoughts, core beliefs, and practices, and together we create a new, more suitable plan to help you thrive and love life again.
  • Finding the right resources for you: we are all so different, complex, and beautifully intricate. What works for one person is not a cookie-cutter answer for another. Let’s help you navigate this abundance of resources and find the right ones for you. ​
  • Be your CPA – Build you up: who could use support, encouragement, and a boost of self-esteem? Probably all of us !! Allow yourself that gift. Sometimes it starts with your therapist and then unfolds into other areas of your life. Support and encouragement are not ‘nice to have.’ They are critical to helping each of us feel empowered, valued, and able to live life fully. How many of us live our lives in the tyranny of the inner critic? Let’s help you build yourself up, so you are so longer a prisoner of a problematic and very inaccurate way of thinking. I often say: be your CPA, be accurate about who you are, don’t just exaggerate deficits, also learn to identify and acknowledge your gifts, resources, and value. When you are balanced, then you can learn from your difficulties and turn them into resources. Be a useful and accurate CPA for yourself!
  • Sit and cry together: Sometimes, we need someone to listen to our words and cry with us. Not all is in our control, and life brings stressful events and experiences. What can ease the suffering is having someone walk beside us, or sit with while tears fall. I’m here.

If any of those resonated, see me, and we can both navigate this jungle or journey together.


  • Master of Arts, Professional Counseling – Amberton University, Garland, TX 
  • Bachelor of Education,English as a Second Language, Hakibutzim State Teachers Seminar, Tel Aviv, Israel

Additional Training 

  • ETT (Emotional Transformation Therapy) Level 2 Training – ETTIA, Dallas, TX
  • ETT (Emotional Transformation Therapy) Level 1 Training – ETTIA, Austin, TX
  • Psychodrama Training – Bridging Harts Psychotherapy Institute, Allen, TX
  • Hakomi Comprehensive Training – Mindfulness based therapy approach, Hakomi Institute, Austin, TX
  • CPR / CPI (via Carrollton Springs Hospital training)

Professional Activities & Memberships

  • Texas Counseling Association member (ACA)


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  • Video/Skype

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