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Building your team: who do you count on?

A recent article in The New York Times described research findings on the potentially severe effects a lack of companionship can have on your physical and mental health. The article is linked here if you would like more details on the specific effects or studies referenced. At Curis we know how to help!


Who Do You Count On?
Throughout the day, week, or even year a person will experience varying degrees of stressors.  Perhaps the stressor was a particularly restless night of sleep, an upsetting phone call, or the morning rush hour commute… Or something worse… A major crisis.  If we know that a lack of connection increases our stress levels, imagine what happens to our health when we have no one to reach out to when we encounter obstacles.  It can be just as difficult when the people we reach out to don’t understand or can’t be counted on to help.

Imagine what happens to our health when we have no one to reach out to when we encounter obstacles.

Quality over Quantity
Therapists know that social connections are important for their client’s wellbeing, and they use a variety of techniques to help clients build their personal network. Brian Meggers, LMSW, a therapist with Curis, says “it’s important to be close with people you not only trust as confidants, but can be there as supports in case of crisis.”  Your Curis therapist won’t just work with you to develop a network, but will focus on a network built from secure connections.


A Strong Foundation
Think of secure connections like a foundation built on bedrock.  These connections are with people who are attuned to your needs, and understand what helps you be your best.  They provide the safety and security that gives us the confidence to take risks.  Perhaps most importantly, these are the people that will continue to enrich your life for years and years to come.

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