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Better Your Health, Better Yourself!

Curis Functional Health is focused on your whole-body wellness through physical, mental, and nutritional health.

Whether you're looking for a chiropractic care, mental health care, functional nutrition, DNA-based weight loss, or any other needs,

Curis Functional Health is your one stop shop!

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      How Can We Help?

      Our Chiropractic care restores function, enhances mobility, and helps support your nervous system.


      Mental Health

      Self Care Is Not Selfish.

      Our Mental Health therapists focus on your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and relationships.



      "You Are What You Eat"

      We take a personal holistic approach to Functional Nutrition at Curis Functional Health.

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      DNA-Based Weight Loss

      Weight Loss Built For You

      We teach you how to overcome your habits to have a better relationship with food and your body.

      Mental Health
      Deborah Campbell, LMFT
      Dr. Wade Parkhill
      Dr. Lisa Bingham, DC
      Dr. Jay Bhakta
      Mental Health
      Adriana Beck, MA, LPC
      Dr. Randy Atkinson

      Meet Our Network of
      Functional Health Providers

      Since the relationship between the mind, body, and gut can’t truly be separated, we bring a team of experts in each discipline to collaborate and conspire towards personalized wellness solutions unique to each client. 

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      We’re one of the fastest growing functional health and wellness companies in the U.S. and we are changing the way people care for their whole-body wellness. We’re looking for the right people to help change the world.