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What Symptoms Can Chiropractic Address?

Curis Chiropractors in Dripping Springs, TXunderstand that one of the main causes of bodily pain is the misalignment and abnormal motion of the vertebrae in the spinal column. Functional chiropractic works by removing these abnormalities thereby relieving nerve pressure and irritation, restoring joint mobility, and returning the body back to a state of normal function. Our chiropractors in Dripping Springs, TX work with you to develop a personalized Care Plan that relieves pain, optimizes your body, and helps you live your life to the fullest.

Image 1 Headache

Curis Chiropractors can address tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraines to relieve daily pain and optimize your health.

Image 2 TMJD

Referred to as TMJ, this condition is caused by spinal misalignments and can be treated through adjustments and muscle work.

Image 3 Neck Pain

Curis Chiropractors address neck pain by treating injuries, poor posture, spinal subluxations, and stress.

Image 4 Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain and frozen shoulder require chiropractic care to address the neuro-muscular-skeletal systems and relieve pain.

Image 5 Back Pain

Curis Chiropractors can address back pain by treating injury, poor posture, spinal subluxations, disc problems, pinched nerves, and more.

Image 6 Scoliosis

Chiropractic care can alleviate any pain caused by scoliosis and help maintain, or potentially regain, spinal alignment.

Image 7 Leg Pain

Our chiropractors can alleviate pain in the lower extremities by addressing the overuse and inflammation of the lower body muscles and tendons.

Image 8 Injuries

Chiropractic care not only aids your injury recovery, but also ensures that no long-term health issues from your accident arise.

Image 9 Women s Health

Chiropractic care can ease the discomfort pregnancy may cause and help with labor and labor recovery.

Image 10 Pediatric

Infant & Pediatric Health

Chiropractic care can ensure your children are growing and developing healthily by addressing several childhood ailments.

Image 11 Respiratory

Allergies & Respiratory Function

Chiropractic care can assist with immune system sensitivity that often causes other conditions such as allergies and asthma.

Image 12 Wellness 1

Chiropractic care extends beyond pain management and can be the next step to achieving your short- and long-term wellness goals.

Functional Chiropractic Techniques & Therapies
in Dripping Springs, TX

Our Curis Chiropractors in Dripping Springs use a variety of chiropractic methods to holistically improve and maintain the flow of the nervous system, promoting our patient’s quality of life.

Decompression Therapy


Using a decompression table allows chiropractors to relieve pain from, and heal, herniated or bulging discs.

Heat Therapy


The drop-table technique involves gentle spinal maneuvering that adjusts the spine while allowing the affected joint to stay passive.

Heat Therapy


Heat therapy plays an important role in chiropractic practice to increase circulation, relax muscles, and reduce pain.

Manual Technique


Manual therapy, also known as manipulative therapy, is a physical treatment primarily used by chiropractors to treat musculoskeletal pain and debility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic
in Dripping Springs, TX

Because pain is the last symptom we experience from any injury or condition, it is important to seek chiropractic care even if you are not currently experiencing pain. Regular adjustments do more than keep you pain free; they help your mind and body to perform at their highest level.
Yes, in fact, we recommend children receive chiropract care to ensure their bodies are developing healthily.
Yes, prenatal chiropractic care can ease pregnancy pains and delivery complications.
Yes, and chiropractic care can even assist with the healing process of these procedures.

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