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Fall Veggies Ready For Your Plate!

fall vegetables on a table: carrots, peas, beets and more

Fall is officially here and it’s prime time to bring in the harvest. Let’s shake things up and add some new veggies to the plate!

During this time of year you will find incredible vegetables such as cabbage, beets, radishes, sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, and kohlrabi. Kohlrabi – what? Yep, that right. Kohlrabi! It’s part of the radish family but is slightly sweeter with only a mild spiciness. You can eat it raw or steam it and use as the base for “creamed soup” (perhaps a replacement for potato as a low carb low cal version). Of course, you can also roast them along with your other root vegetables like purple carrots, onions, and squash. They are super detoxing for your system too!

Another outstanding fall vegetable that is good for cleansing the body and kicking the “sludge” out of the gallbladder are beets. I’m not talking just the bottom of the plant, the beet itself either. Did you know the beet tops have nearly 10 times the nutrients of the actual beet?! It also has a great component to it called betaine, which aids digestion and “gets things moving.” Take the tops, stems included, chop them up and sautéed with a little organic chicken broth. Tas-ty!

You can always keep rolling with the cabbage family though too. Take some brussels sprouts and sauté with a little olive oil and balsamic…they caramelize and no longer have the bite some people are turned off by. Maybe even use the green or purple cabbage leaves to make cabbage rolls stuffed with grass-fed beef and tomatoes.

​They are sure to please! Until next time, eat well…live well.

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