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Is Premarital Counseling For Us?

Did you know that couples in the US spend $30k on weddings? Did you also know that premarital counseling costs less than $1k? That’s roughly 3.5% of the cost of the wedding. What doesn’t make sense is that only 44% of couples pursue premarital counseling before they get married.

Couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on weddings, but fail to invest in the future of their relationship. Even when a couple feels like their relationship is great, premarital counseling is a great opportunity to learn about each other along with valuable skills. This enhances communication for when things aren’t going so well and as a couple you are able to work through the issues without threatening the relationship.

At Curis, I work with couples to learn their attachment style and how that impacts the relationship, how they can use that knowledge to build a base, and develop a secure relationship.

My approach to premarital counseling is by using the Texas preferred Prepare/Enrich Program along with Stan Tatkin’s book, “We Do”. This helps couples learn their attachment style. Not only will couples learn valuable tools, but they learn about themselves and how to develop a secure functioning relationship.

Here are a few reasons that people go through premarital counseling?

  1. Build communication skills
  2. Discuss financial differences
  3. Learning to fight fair and well
  4. Discuss parenting/step-parenting
  5. Talk about deal breakers: kids/no kids, substances, infidelity, ect…
  6. Developing a secure identity as a couple

What’s included in my premarital program at Curis? 

  1. Online assessment through Prepare/Enrich
  2. “We Do” Book by Stan Tatkin
  3. 8 hours of premarital counseling
  4. Over 20 tools and activities to strengthen the relationship
  5. Certificate of Completion *This certificate waves the 72 hr waiting period in Texas and waives up to $60 of the state fee for the license* The Certificate is valid for one year
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