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Our Team

Management Team

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Andre Angel

Chairman and CEO

deb campbell orig

Debra Campbell

Co-Founder Chief Vision Officer

Marian Dezelan

Marian Dezelan

Chief Marketing Officer

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Doug Younie

VP of Finance

mark mandell orig

Mark Mandell, D.C.

VP Mergers & Acquisitions

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Dr. Prak Bhakta

VP of Business Development

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Nick Marino Jr.

Director of Marketing

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Meera Chauhan, D.C.

Director of Revenue Cycle Management

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Philip Angel

Director of Technology

dr michael buffington orig

Dr. Michael Buffington

Director of Chiropractic

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Dr. Mario

Director of Compliance

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Dr. Brandon Pettke

Director of Nutrition

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Dr. Damon Walton

Director of Activate DNA-Based Weight Loss


Natalee Tennyson

Director of Mental Health

Sheri Robinton

Sheri Robinton

Director of Culture & Customer Experience

Department Heads

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Dr. Mark Mandell

VP Mergers &

hollen meyer orig

Dr. Hollen Meyer

​Chief Culture & Communication Officer

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Nick Marino Jr.

Director of

meera c orig

Dr. Meera Chauhan

Executive in