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Rethinking Your Resolutions

Checklist with "New Year's Resolutions" written at the top, with empty boxes to check off goals.

If the year 2020 has taught us anything it is that sometimes we have to PIVOT. Traditionally New Years’ is filled with Resolutions…flossing every day….going to the gym….no more soft drinks…

No one is going to argue that those things are good for you, they are healthy, but what I’m asking you to do is to rethink societal norms. What if you restructured how you thought about resolutions? What if you transitioned those resolutions into goals that are more achievable and more reasonable? One bad day doesn’t ruin the whole goal, there is rooms for mistakes and growth. So, what goals should you be setting?

  1. Personal Goals: These goals are about relationships. How are you doing at checking in with friends and family? What goals can you set? Checking in once a week with 2 people each week? Hanging out with friends once a month? 
  2. Professional Goals: What do you want to accomplish at work this year? Do you want a new promotion? Do you want to spend less time chatting with co workers and more time focusing? Do you want to stop working after hours? Do you want to find passion for your work? Do you want to specialize in something? 
  3. Financial Goals: Saving up for a new car, new house? Want your savings or 401k to look a certain way? Are you going to eat out less one time a week? 
  4. Health Goals: Going to the chiropractor? Stretching more? Drinking more water?

The best things about goals is that they can be changed, they are flexible. Goals are also measurable. You can set short term goals and long term goals. The big question is…What is important to you as you look at the year 2020? As you look at 2021, focus on things that are achievable and helping yourself become successful, because if we know anything hindsight is 2020.  
If you find yourself struggling with goal setting, we have mental health professionals who are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out. 

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Written By:
Kimberly Hansley-Parrish, LPC – Licensed Counselor in Dallas, TX

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