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Curis Functional Health Adds DNA-Based Customized Weight Loss With Acquisition of Activate Metabolics

Dallas-based Curis Functional Health, one of the country’s leading functional health & wellness companies, expands its service portfolio by acquiring Activate Metabolics.

(Dallas, TX – July 29, 2021) – Curis Functional Health, one of the fastest-growing functional health brands, has acquired Activate Metabolics to add DNA-based customized weight loss to its over 20 locations. Curis focuses on whole-body wellness, incorporating mental health, physical and gut health through counseling, chiropractic, and functional nutrition. Activate, based in Carlinville, Illinois, is already available across multiple states and will double its consumer reach as it expands Curis’ service portfolio through weight loss.

“We are excited about bringing Activate Metabolics and their proven DNA-based weight management system into Curis Functional Health,” said Andre Angel, Co-Founder & Chairman of Curis. Angel continued with, “By adding their customized healthy weight loss system to our holistic wellness clinics, we will enable more patients to achieve healthier outcomes and a lifetime of complete wellness.”

Activate’s mission is to help patients and doctors work together to create a healthier world. They have combined detailed data, modern technology, and human support with building a program for doctors to generate healthy life-changing milestones for more than ten thousand patients through this time.

“For us, it all comes down to the leadership and vision of the company.  As we were able to get to know the founders and leadership team of Curis, it became exceedingly clear that they were going to do something groundbreaking,” stated Dr. Damon Walton, Founder & Developer of Activate Metabolics. “Being a part of that bigger vision with talented people who are truly looking to serve at a higher level… helped our decision process to become a Curis partner, an absolute no-brainer.”

Dr. Bart Anderson of Activate, added, “We feel strongly about providing more and more solutions to those seeking true “wellness.” Our team recognizes that living in an overweight or obese condition is one of (if not “the”) most prevalent factors standing in the way of that for many Americans. That is not making any judgment or biased opinion at all. It is simply statistical and physiological truth. So, we chose to tackle the “elephant in the room” (no pun intended), and our goal is straightforward: to take massive action towards the obesity epidemic and change one life at a time!”

About Curis 
Founded in 2018 in Dallas, TX, Curis is vested in optimizing the well-being of our patients.  We take a holistic, client-centered, results-driven approach to addressing the underlying causes of health issues.  Our wellness centers treat physical, mental, and emotional stress using chiropractic, mental health, functional nutrition, and other complementary methods. To learn more, visit

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Media Contact 
Nick Marino Jr.
Director of Marketing
Curis Functional Health
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