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Hill Country Physical Medicine is now

Curis Functional Health

in Boerne, Tx

We offer Chiropractic care, Mental Health Counseling, Functional Nutrition, and DNA-Based Weight Loss

Contact us today at (830) 816-4357
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Welcome to Curis Functional Health in Boerne. We are your dedicated functional chiropractors, counselors, weight loss coaches, and nutritionists near you in Boerne

Our purpose at Curis Functional Health: Boerne is to help you get well by finding nerve interference causing health problems and removing the interference with Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments We do this in an environment that is fun and gives you a unique, superior experience.

Our passion is in educating our patients and encouraging them to help us on our mission: to check as many people as possible for hidden health problems and to save them from a life of drugs and surgery.

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Curis Functional Health in Willowbrook will be there for you through multiple forms of therapy. This can be for addiction, couple counseling, stress therapy, anger management, and more.

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Contact us today at (830) 816-4357

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