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Career Counseling

Our mental health therapist can help with career counseling.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling

Career counseling or career coaching is the process by which an individual makes a deliberate move to identify himself, his skills, and expertise concerning the world around him. This identification helps him chalk out his future path. Career counseling can also remove the uncertainties an individual might face about his career. This will bring him one step closer to attaining his dreams.

Who Is A Career Counselor?

A career counselor can be a life coach, therapist, or volunteer from the corporate world. What sets him apart is his formal training to provide career guidance, discuss career development and administer ability and aptitude tests.

Usually, students get to see a career counselor in high school and then again in college before embarking on a formal academic journey. Career counseling is not limited to students but anyone who wants to switch their career, leave work, or explore other options to satisfy their progression whim.

Do You Also Need A Career Counselor?

The role of a career counselor in your professional development is inevitable. This is because you spend a chunk of your life working on your career. That sums to thousands of hours, and any sane mind can imagine how precious this time is. It would be best if you had the expertise of a career counselor to fully benefit from the time and energy you devote to your career and align your strengths with it.

How Can A Career Counselor Help You?

During a career counseling session, the counselor will help you explore your hidden potential, keeping your skills and strengths in consideration, your academic background, and your personality type. Some counselors can help you get better at your current job. For example, how to get a promotion, methods to negotiate a salary raise.

Is It Worth Hiring A Career Coach?

Yes, it is. However, the prices may seem steep initially, as many career coaches charge high. Career coaches who have developed a solid base due to their credentials and are in cutthroat competition fields also tend to charge more. But when you are aiming at boosting your career, bargaining does not seem like a viable option.

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