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Sex Therapy

Our mental health therapist help those seeking sex therapy.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Sexual therapy involves therapy that focuses specifically on sex-related issues. In most cases, a couple’s therapist provides treatment for matters related to their sexual life, sexual functions, and intimacy. Sex dysfunction is prevalent, and the majority of individuals experience this during their lifetime. Regardless of the individual’s age, gender, and sexual orientation, sex therapy can be for anyone experiencing problems in their sexual life.

Sexual therapy is no different from any other form of psychotherapy. To deal with the condition, you talk about your experiences, worries, and feelings. Sexual treatment is intended to help people who are having problems in their relationships. The duration of sexual therapies is usually short, and after a few sessions, the individual begins to see results.

The first time you visit your therapist, either yourself or together with your partner, your therapist will talk with you separately or together. A therapist will work closely with you each session to help you address the issues that may lead to sexual dysfunction so that you can better manage them and accept them. As a result, you will develop coping mechanisms that will enable you to have a healthier relationship with your partner in the future.

A therapist may refer you to a medical doctor if they suspect a physical, sexual concern causes your dysfunction. They can discuss your symptoms and determine whether any physical issues could be causing your sexual problems.

It is important to remember that concerns about intimacy are often related to anxiety, depression, stress, and other issues underlying the issue. In other cases, sexual function is compromised by chronic illnesses, medication side effects, surgery, or aging.

There are times when seeing a sex therapist alone will suffice – or you may need a team of health care professionals, including your physician and therapist. Medication may be helpful for some sexual concerns. In the case of a medical problem, a complete medical examination can help determine the issue and the kind of treatment that should be prescribed.

A sex therapy session can be both supportive and educational. In other words, it offers comfort and encourages you to change. The therapist will leave you with assignments and work for you to accomplish before your next appointment. The goal of sex therapy is to help you express your concerns clearly, understand your own sexual needs and your partner’s sexual needs more clearly.

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