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Curis Training

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Provider Advanced
MD Training Videos

Login to Advanced MD with this link:
(Select the PM button)

Once logged in, click on Video Training

Click the Blue “Go to E H R”

Click “Find by Role” – Select Clinician

Watch E H R Overview (2 videos)
– E H R Overview
– Introduction to Patient Chart

Patient Chart Overview (1 video)
– Problem List

Patient Chart Details & Tools (3 videos)
– Uploading Files
– E H R Charge Slips
– Document Scanning Module

AdvancedMD Mobile (3 videos)
– Advanced MD Mobile Basics
– Advanced MD Mobile Provider Visit Workflow
– AdvancedMD Mobile – Using Patient Notes

Go To PM (Green box at the top)

Find by Role – Select Clinician

Demographics (4 videos)
– Using Memos & Notes
– Registering a Patient
– Patient Demographics Configuration
– Chart Files

PM Overview (2 videos)
– Practice Management Overview
– Computer Basics

Additional Modules (1 video)
– Using Patient Portal