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Women's Issues

Our mental health therapist can help support the discussion of women’s issues.

Women's Issues

Women’s Issues

The past year has impacted nearly everyone. No aspect of the society remained unaffected from health to home, education, and the global economy. The pandemic has specifically raised concerns about society’s reliance on women and the inequalities they have been facing for a long time.

On the frontline of Covid-19, we find women working as healthcare professionals, community volunteers, transport and logistics managers, scientists, and more. They are facing increased work responsibilities at home, juggling home with work coupled with less access to health care. There are also at a higher risk of domestic violence.

Read below and take a closer look at the urgent issues women face during these trying times.

Violence against Women

Before the pandemic, 1/3rd of women had experienced violence in their lives. But as the world was and is still at a standstill – many regions have not resumed complete normalcy- instances of violence are likely to increase manifold. Women are trapped with their abuser with no access to healthcare, support services, and justice systems at home. In deserted public places and transportation also, women are at high risk of violence.

Pay Gap Inequality

As mentioned earlier, women are at the frontline of healthcare during the Covid crisis. They work primarily as nurses, midwives, and community health workers. They also form a majority of service staff in health care facilities as launderers, caterers, and cleaners. The health sector still discriminates against women’s earnings, full-time employment, and leadership roles.

Inaccessibility to Digital Education

Studying online has become the new norm. But not everyone is equipped with technology to continue their education. This is because the internet is still a privilege for many.

Many girls worldwide are denied their fundamental right to education because remote learning is not possible where they live. It was already a full-fledged problem for girls and young women that they had no access to technology, and as Covid spread, the lack of connectivity added to the general chaos.


Women worldwide are underrepresented. They remain in the background of decision-making processes and leadership on all fronts.
These were just a few of the women’s issues, and there are many more to discuss.

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