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Your Mental Health Matters

Curis Functional Health believes holistic wellness starts with your mental well-being.
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Mental Health Counseling at Curis Functional Health

People often begin therapy because they’ve lost a sense of peace, happiness, and/or purpose in some parts of their lives. While therapy is a vital part of recovery, it is also an important aspect of routine wellness. At Curis, we believe people are innately healthy and therapy is a method of uncovering and retaining that natural wellness.
Our systemic and multidisciplinary approach to holistic wellness pairs counseling with chiropractic care and functional health to enhance your quality of life and your entire mental and physical system.

Potential Therapy Topics

If you are working to overcome addiction, a Curis Mental Health Provider can help you to succeed.
From extreme disorders to everyday stressors, working with a therapist can help you manage all types of anxiety.
Children and adults can suffer from the symptoms of ADHD and a mental health professional can help you overcome any of these difficulties.
Asperger’s can become manageable with the assistance of a Curis Mental Health Professional.
Managing autism has no “one-size-fits-all” solution, but can be managed with the help of a mental health provider.
Bipolar disorder can be difficult to overcome, but is extremely manageable with the assistance of a mental health professional.
While pain takes a large physical toll, it affects your mental health as well. Working with a therapist can help you manage all elements of chronic pain.
A mental disorder that can impact your quality of life, depression is a manageable condition with the help of a Curis Therapist.
A Curis Mental Health Provider can support you in your journey to successfully overcome an eating disorder.
All lasting relationships are built on trust and communication. Working with a Curis Counselor can help you establish or renew a healthy relationship.
Each child has different needs in order to develop healthily. Working with a Curis Counselor can help your child grow mentally and emotionally.
Parenting is one of the biggest responsibilities one can have. Any parent can use the support of a Curis Counselor to ease the difficulties of raising a child.
Therapy can help you improve your self-esteem and outlook on life by identifying and addressing the root cause of negative emotions.
Setting goals can be instrumental in our personal growth. Working with a Curis Counselor can help you enhance and achieve your goals.
Personality counseling can range from treating personality disorders to helping you grow and achieve your personal goals.

Counseling Techniques & Therapies

Curis Therapists utilize a variety of techniques and therapies to address your specific concerns.


Utilizing different mediums such as painting, drawing, dance, music, and drama, Curis Therapists can help you tackle your mental health creatively.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This approach helps clients focus on changing future behaviors to improve their mental well-being.


Dialectical Behavior Therapy

DBT is a therapy designed specifically for Bipolar Personality Disorder to break the cycle of BPD through validating your feelings.


Imago Relationship Therapy

This therapy allows couples to form bonds by working through past trauma and childhood experiences.


Mentalization-Based Therapy

This long-term therapy helps those with BPD to mentalize their thoughts and examine their self-worth.



This approach helps all clients become better attuned to reality and their relation to it.



PACT is a cutting-edge relationship therapy based on attachment theory, human biology, and neuroscience.



This approach helps you better understand why you feel the way you do, and how you think the way you think.

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